Book Review

Introduction (Book)

Journey of Music (Second Edition) is a three-book series written according to the guidelines set down in Arts Education Key Learning Area Curriculum Guide (P1-S6) (2017) and Music Curriculum Guide (Primary 1 – Secondary 3) (2003)from the Curriculum Development Council . It is designed to achieve the four learning objectives of Arts Education Key Learning Area in the subject of Music (i.e. developing creativity and imagination, developing skills and processes, cultivating critical responses and understanding arts in context) through integrated music activities involving performing, listening and creating.

Music learning can both be a pleasant journey and a challenging one. The integrated music activities can gradually foster students’ musical skills including music appraisal abilities, as well as the nine generic skills such as creativity, critical thinking skills and communication skills etc. Besides, positive values and life attitudes can be nourished during the learning process with the hope that they may turn out to be lovers and advocates of musical arts in the long run.

Introduction (Workbook)

The Journey of Music (Second Edition) Workbook series is tailor-made for secondary students and complements the textbook series Journey of Music (Second Edition) for knowledge consolidation and self-driven learning. Each book of the workbook series consists of two parts as follows:
Part A: Chapter Exercises
Part B: The Footprints of Western Music

Introduction (Teaching Materials)