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Journey of Computer Literacy for Secondary Schools (Modular Course)
| Authors: Raymond Tong, Kwok Chi Man, Yeung Pui Shan & Au Yik Yu |
| Suitable for Sec 1 to Sec 3 students |
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Journey of Computer Literacy for Secondary Schools (Modular Course)

The "Journey of Computer Literacy for Secondary Schools (Modular Course)" is a four-book series newly published according to the most recent curriculum documents “Technology Education Key Learning Area Curriculum Guide (Secondary 1-3)” (TEKLA) issued by the Curriculum Development Institute of the Education Bureau. Learning elements are covered under the knowledge context “Information and Communication Technology” (ICT) including computer Systems (K1), Programming Concepts (K2), Information Processing and Presentation (K16) and Computers Networks (E1). This series is suitable for Secondary 1-3 students.

Journey of Computer Literacy for Secondary Schools (Modular Course) Overview

Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4
  1. Basics of Computers and Computer Operation
  1. Components of a Computer System and Computer software
  1. Computer Systems, Computer Networks and Information Systems
  1. Scratch: Basic Skills
  1. Integration of Text and Graphics
  1. Reporting with spreadsheets and Charts
  1. Using and Manipulating Databases
  1. Scratch: Advanced Skills
  1. Impact of the Application of Computer Communications on Society
  1. Multimedia Authoring and Presentation
  1. Extended Module: Information Literacy and Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Society
  1. App Inventor: A Basic Course
Journey of Computer Literacy for Secondary Schools (Modular Course) Features
  • Clearly written text and eye-catching figures helps students understand the contents more easily.
  • Interesting pictures and meaningful questions encourage students thinking critically and logically.
  • Various activities can reinforce students’ understanding on the main contents.
  • The series is rich in content that more in-depth information are provided in section of “Info Folder”.
  • Ample practices are provided to reinforce students’ knowledge and practical skills on computer and information technology.
  • Reference websites and relevant activities in Enrichment section are included with a view to enhance students’ self-learning ability.