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Excellence Summer Holiday Exercises - English
| Authors: The editorial board of Excellence Publication Co. Ltd. |
| Suitable for P.6 to From 3 students | Total 4 Volume |

978-988-8095-63-6 (Book1) 978-988-8095-64-3 (Book2)
978-988-8095-65-0 (Book2) 978-988-8095-66-7 (Book4)

| Publishing Date: 2015 | 請參閱最新價目表 |

The Excellence Summer Holiday Exercises - English (4th Edition) is a 4-volume series holiday exercises designed especially for Hong Kong secondary students. It provides students with plenty of exercises to practise during the long summer vacation. Practices and examples in this exercise book are authentic and contextual so as to help students learn English in their daily lives.

The special features of this series are outlined as follows:

Reading Corner:Students not only can enrich their comprehensive power but also have a better understanding of the community and the world around them.
Grammar Station: Notes are provided for easy reference. Exercises may help students use the language in meaningful and contextual situations.
Word Power: It provides students with common words for everyday topics. Students can therefore enrich their word power in English with more exposure to the words.
Listening Channel: It provides student a chance to listen to English which are relevant to the theme of the unit. QR codes are provided to give students a convenient way to listen the passages at any time and anywhere.
Language Activity: Learning English in a fun way by providing students with some interesting games and useful expressions in everyday English.
Writing for Fun: Appropriate guidelines are given to help students write better compositions.

Teacher CD-ROM
Apart from the content in Student CD-ROM, the Teacher CD-ROM provides detailed answers for the exercise book and test paper.

Suggested Answers are printed in separate sheets for easy reference.